Anne Gillis - Counting

Anne first collaborated with GX Jupitter-Larsen in 1994 & 95 with their series of sound art works "Encored Dust" .

Jessica King - Sage

Jessica is a toy designer and performance artist. She's one of three core members of the LA noise troop The Haters.

Crank Sturgeon - Ironing Rocks

Armed to the gills with thrift store electronics, supermarket aesthetics, and ample saliva, Crank Sturgeon implements these tools as a means to explore the unwieldy commingling of noise and performance art. The result has been a double-decade, multi-hemispherical odyssey of blasting mishaps and primeval happenstance, taking the shape of inflatable parades, unlikely orchestras, and amplified badminton games.

Jackie Stewart - Ironing Sand

Jackie Stewart started performing in 1979. Her visual medium is assemblage & collage, so it comes natural to her to assemble sounds as well. She has been performing with the group Smegma since 1982. She enjoys hearing how beautiful “mixing” can be, in the same manner in which things come together visually when assembling her collage pieces.

Todd Anderson-Kunert - Studying Rocks

Todd Anderson-Kunert is an interdisciplinary artist often working with sound, space and time. He likes noises. And noise. And takes particular delight in that threshold between hearing and feeling.

Suzy Poling - Lab Technician #1

Pod Blotz/Suzy Poling is a polymath and interdisciplinary artist researching the multi-dimensional interferences between optics, mirrors, sonic resonance, electrical synthesis, video experiments, human/alien identities and geological anomalies.

Elden M - Lab Technician #2

Not Elden's first acting appearance in films, the man behind Allegory Chapel Ltd has always considered himself a chameleon-like actor in his own mind. His arrogant confidence springs from his trouble-shooter's ability to deliver above and beyond the call of duty. After three decades, EMAC continues to confound comfortable ears with his signature eclectic unpredictability of sonic explorations and audio purgations in 2017.

Dakota The Bearded Lady - Scientist

Dakota the Bearded Lady was born and raised in Southern California. She is an advocate for body positivity. She got her first start working in a record store and now is a sideshow performer, actor, model and avid writer.

Michael E Haddad - Bus Driver

Michael Ernie Haddad is an Actor/Stunt Man who has worked on Pulp Fiction, Tales from the Crypt, From Dusk 'till Dawn, Weaponized, Directors Cut, Devil's Domain and many more.

Jayne Anderson - Ironing A Pile

Short, mature aged animator currently masquerading as a horticulturist specializing in heirloom vegetables.

Jessica Anderson-Kunert - Ironing A Beach

Jess is an anthropologist, artist, collector and cake enthusiast. A devoted mother, Aunty and professional juggler she is currently coming to terms with life married to a cyborg.

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