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Updated Sept 2019:


COMMISSION ORIGINAL ART: by GX Jupitter-Larsen... You even get to pick the main colors!


OMNIWAVE REFRESHER: A movie about scientists who use public transportation.

A NOISY DELIVERY: A movie about people who go to the post office for philosophy instead of postage.

CINEMA NOISE: Ten of GX Jupitter-Larsen's short videos (1983-2006).


No paypal? Send cash or a money order made payable to:

GX Jupitter-Larsen
P.O. Box 1386
Hollywood CA, 90078-1386

Things I will trade for:

  • Stamp Collections

  • Dead clocks / clock parts.

  • A 1951 Hohner Multimonica II Vacuum Tube Synthesizer.

  • A Kuba TV set from the 50's or 60's. (Doesn't have to work)

  • Actual photos or recordings from the Autoperforation Group in Dresden.

  • Ephemera of old-school wrestlers Gene Kiniski, Dutch Savage, and Bulldog Bob Brown.

  • A hurdy-gurdy. (Doesn't have to work)

  • Seize The Time LP by Elaine Brown, or any other record by The Black Panther Party

  • Crawl Unit - Tucson Mon Amour (Drone Records - DR-28)

  • Daniel Menche / Small Cruel Party - Scratch Of The Mutilated / Sister Brother (MSBR Records - MR13)

  • Goofy Klock model kit (Lindberg Line, 1965)

  • K2 - Tumorartige Ver�nderungen Der Prostata (Membrum Debile Propaganda - MDP 6000-16)

  • K2 - Renal Ekonomix Picture Disc (Praxis Dr. Bearmann)

  • Lasse Marhaug / K2 / MSBR & Cartisian Faith - Your Daily Buzz (Tripmeke Records - meke001)

  • Michael Siegel - The Sounds Of The Junk Yard (Folkways Records ‎� FX 6143)

  • MSBR - Collapseland (Heel Stone Records � STONE 002)

  • MSBR - Electrovegetarianism (Pinch A Loaf - PAL8)

  • MSBR - Intensification (Praxis Dr. Bearmann - TH09)

  • MSBR / Smell & Quim - A Cat Has Nine Lives (MSBR Records - MR07)

  • MSBR / Speculum Fight - Stultification (MSBR Records - MR12)

  • Over-the-shoulder, crank driven Mini Busker Organ.

  • Any recording by Roman Opalka

  • Small Cruel Party - Seminal Brainpan (Dom America - DOM USS 13)

  • Smell & Quim - Jim Seed Collector (Praxis Dr. Bearmann - TH 14)

  • VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA - Balloon Colletior In The Wilderness (Japan Overseas - JO 95-4)

  • YURI GAGARIN - souvenir 7" record of Yuri (Juri) Gagarin's first transmission from space. See cover HERE.

  • Afrikan Alphabets: The Story of Writing in Africa by Saki Mafundikwa ( ISBN13: 9780972424066 )

  • Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary ( ISBN13: 9780199208999 )

  • Architecture

  • Land